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Using Web 2.0 for Health Information

Paula Younger and Peter Morgan, editors
ISBN: 9781856047319

This new book is designed to meet this need, by drawing together international case studies and reflections on using Web 2.0.  The book blends practical insights, theory and reflective approaches to offer a cohesive overview of how Web 2.0 is already changing health and medical information work.

Changing Roles and Contexts for Health Library and Information Professionals

Alison Brettle and Christine Urquhart, editors
Publishers: Facet Publishing
Year of publication: 2011
ISBN: 9781856047401

This timely edited collection examines the evolving role of health professionals and explores the role they play in the context of where they work. It aims to encourage and inspire health information professionals worldwide to take on new opportunities and ensure their continued development and recognition as valuable assets in the changing health care environment.

Exploiting knowledge in health services

Authors: Walton, Graham (ed) and Booth, Andrew (ed)
Publishers: Facet Publishing
Year of publication: 2004
ISBN: 1856044793

Exploiting knowledge in health services provides new librarians with an extremely succinct and practical starting guide. The predecessor to this work, Managing Knowledge in Health Services (detailed below) was brilliantly received at the time (2000). This new book is not just a revised edition of that work but a completely new book providing a snapshot of what health library and information professionals need to know now.

Managing knowledge in health services

Authors: Booth, Andrew (ed) and Walton, Graham (ed)
Publishers: Facet
Year of publication: 2000
ISBN: 1856043215 

Managing Knowledge in Health Services is the title of an extremely popular volume edited by Andrew Booth and Graham Walton, originally published by Facet Publishing (formerly Library Association Publishing) in 2000. Available online.

Understanding Healthcare Information

Authors: Lyn Robinson
Publishers: Facet, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-85604-662-6
In an age of internet resource guides, which suffer from the malaise of being outdated before they are published, this much-needed publication addresses the information chain in its entirety

Information sources in the medical sciences

Authors: Morton, L.T. and Godbolt, S. (eds)
Publisher: Bowker,
Year of publication: 1992
ISBN: 0862915961

This is a classic; however, it is now very old. 

On-Line Reading Lists

On-line reading lists from authoritative sources will hopefully provide you with signposts to a wealth of wider reading and current awareness.

Creating your library's business plan : a how-to-do-it manual with samples on CD-ROM

J.H.P. Harriman.
Facet Publishing, 2008.
ISBN: 9781555706340

Chock-full of templates, worksheets, case studies, and samples from a wide variety of libraries, big and small, this how-to guide will help you create your business plan quickly and efficiently, saving you time, money, and frustration. Over 50 worksheets will help you pull your plan together, one component at a time. More than 25 sample plans from academic, public, medical, and special libraries worldwide represent best practices.

Evidence Based Practice for Information Professionals. A handbook.

Authors: Booth, A & Brice, A (Eds) .
Publisher: Facet Publishing.
Year of publication: 2004

Available online.

Guide to Working in Health Information

Authors: Hunter, Tracey and Wake, Michelle. (Compiled by)
Publisher: HLG
Year of publication: 2010

This is a guide launched by the Health Libraries Group (HLG), of CILIP, for people interested in working in Health Information. This comprehensive guide includes information on:
Why choose health information?
What job title might you have?
Where do health information professionals work?
What skills and experience might you gain?
What is the work like? – case studies
How much will I get paid?
What training and qualifications will I need?
Details of appropriate courses and funding opportunities

Access this document online.

An archive ofonline FOLIO course materials from the following courses areavailable at:

Breaking out of the Box: Extending the health LIS professional role - skills and strategies
Designing and Delivering Information Skills Training Courses (InfoSkills)
Designing, Conducting and Analysing Surveys and Questionnaires (ASQ)
Evidence Based Library and Information Practice: Delivering Services that Shine (EBLIP-Gloss)
Getting to Grips with Knowledge Management (G2G)
Making your case successfully (Machiavel)
Management Skills for the More Experienced (ExFiles)
Maximising the impact of your service (Maxim)
Moving into Supervision (Moves)
Promoting and Marketing Library and Information Services (ProMISe)
Understanding the business of clinical care (CLINICOS)
BMJ Learning modules
- e.g. time management, change management, Evidence Based practice, Understanding statistics, small group teaching, communication skills, presentation skills

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