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Terms of reference

  1. To provide a regular forum to exchange ideas, knowledge, new initiatives and best practice.
  2. To support members of CLIST in their Continuing Professional Development through informal contact, formal working groups, journal club discussions and presentations by members of the group and outside speakers, with the purpose of encouraging good practice and updating professional knowledge.
  3. The group will develop an annual work plan of information literacy activities. These will include study days/ afternoons on issues relevant to CLIST and the wider health library community.  Where activities have cost-implications the programme will be used as the basis of a bid for funds to relevant bodies.
  4. To establish and maintain efficient links with relevant individuals and groups locally in order to influence strategy and decision making at regional and national levels.  These will include eKAT, London TRG and the e-learning group.
  5. To establish and maintain efficient links with relevant individuals and groups nationally.  These will include HLG.
  6. To publicise the work of the group to members through the CLIST discussion list, and to the wider health library community through the CLIST web pages and other means.
  7. To produce high quality training materials in the context of the continuing development of health librarianship and national provision.  These will be shared via the CLIST web pages.  To comment and advise on training materials produced elsewhere.
  8. The group will have a chair and a secretary who will take on the role for one year.
  9. The group will meet six times a year.
  10. The membership of the group is open to those whose roles include clinical librarianship and health information skills training for NHS staff based in London. Exceptions to this policy can be agreed by the group.

Last revised by Richard Peacock, 19 July 2007

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