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29 Jul 2015

Access to Copyright Fee Paid (CFP) articles from the British Library

A new Copyright Licence for the NHS in England has recently been signed for the period April 2015 to March 2018.  The copying permissions granted by the new Licence are unchanged, but an annual allocation of Copyright Fee Paid (CFP) articles from the British Library has been included within the Licence fee.

Assuming that you already have one account for the supply of documents from the British Library, I am writing to advise that you may have a second account to use when you need to request CFP articles.  You may use this second account to request articles either:

1)      Because the British Library cannot supply you with a standard, Library Privilege (LP) copy of the article you have requested (e.g. your request has been returned unfilled with a RCOP or DIRECT code[1]) or:

2)      Because your end user is not in a position to sign/tick a declaration to confirm that the copy is for individual private study or non-commercial research (e.g. because they need to share it with others, make further copies of it, or use it for commercial research) and therefore require a CFP copy.  CFP copies can therefore be copied and distributed under the more generous terms of the CLA Licence.

Your library service will not be charged for the CFP articles you obtain via your second account.  Please bear in mind, however, that our allocation is limited and has to be shared, and CFP copies are significantly more expensive than LP copies:  request them when you need them, but please only do so in the circumstances above.  

This is the first year of a three year arrangement, which we hope will deliver widespread benefits.  The CLA, British Library and NHS Library and Knowledge Services Leads will be closely monitoring usage and uptake.

What you need to do

When you need your first CFP article[2], please email Ania Nogal to ask for your second BL account to be set up. Please provide her with the following details:

1.      Your BLDSC account number

2.      The name of your library service/Trust as it appears in the name of your BLDSC account

3.      The name and email address of the person you would like to be your contact for the new account. Please make sure that the name of the person associated with this account is registered on the British Library  website.

Kind regards



[1] BL will be able to supply a CFP article in the vast majority but not necessarily 100% of these cases

[2] We ask you to wait until you need to request your first CFP article before requesting an account, but to bear in mind that account requests will take 48 hours to activate



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